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     "I am so excited to be able to share Asha Loves Science with you and your family. The idea first came to me when I was looking for DVDs for my own daughter. She loves learning Spanish and Chinese from the cartoons she sees on TV. However, she didn't have a character to relate to that taught her words and concepts from her own culture. This also meant that she would grow up without a simple way to share her culture with her peers. 
     I also wanted to impart my love for science to my daughter. Always curious and willing to learn, my daughter is building foundations that will help her understand complex scientific concepts in the future. I think it is never too early to be curious about or in love with science! 
     Having a mathematician for a mother, I have always had a strong role model that encouraged me to explore my love for math and science. As a child, I never even realized that there were disproportionately fewer women in these fields. Asha is an enthusiastic, lovable, and positive role model for girls. I don't want any child to have an association between gender and science. Learning is a gender neutral activity!"

  Najla Ahmad has recently completed her PhD in Computer Science at the University of Kansas. She has a M.S. in Computer Systems Engineering from Northeastern University and a B.A. in Computer Science with a minor in Psychology from Wellesley College. She has been working with various forms of art, such as cartooning, ceramics, and animation, for as long as she can remember. 
   Najla is working on the characters, concepts, script writing, and animation for Asha Loves Science.

Gillian - Education Director/Editor

Gillian Turner is a Canadian school teacher with a decade of experience in both elementary and secondary education. After beginning her career in high school English, History and International Law, she turned her attention toward special education, early cognitive growth, and curriculum development. She believes early exposure to many subjects, including science and its accompanying thought processes, are key to later success in school and life. Gillian is also a published author of science fiction and horror, and continues to write whenever she has time!


Musical Talent

Like the songs on Check out the talented people who have been working on Asha Loves Science!

Harini S Raghavan created the music and sings the vocals for Over in the Meadow. You can find her on

Tyler Barks wrote the lyrics, created the music, and performed the vocals for the Vaccine Rap. You can find him on as tylerbarks. You can also find him at and


Previous Sound Work

Special thanks to Beejul Khatri for all your time and encouragement! 

Thanks to Brian Li, Dan Harcourt, Tom Batista 

Special Thanks

Thank you to my husband Roni. None of this would be possible without your support!

Thank you to my kids. You are my inspiration!

Thank you to Always Laura Photography for photography work. You can contact her for events, portraits, and other photo sessions around the Boston Area. 

Thank you to Hinna Mir for her amazing website editing! Thanks for always having the words to express what I'm thinking.

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