Asha is curious and intelligent. It is hard to find a scientific field that Asha isn't interested in! When she grows up, she knows she wants to be a scientist.... she just doesn't know which kind just yet. 
   Asha is South-Asian American and is proud of her heritage. She loves teaching her friends words in Hindi and Urdu. 


  Panja is a Snow Leopard and Asha's closest friend. Panja means "paw." Snow leopards can be found in several areas of South Asia including Chitral National Park in Pakistan and Nanda Devi National Park in India.
  Panja is very brave and loves to go on adventures with her friends.

panja crop2.png


   Soond is an Asian Elephant. Soond means "an elephant's trunk." Asian elephants have smaller ears than African elephants.
   Soond can sometimes be shy and unsure of himself, but he knows that with the help of his friends, he can do anything!


   Moor is the youngest of the friends. His name means "peacock," which makes sense because that's what he is! Moor is a subspecies of peafowl called the Indian Peafowl or Blue Peafowl. 
   Moor is the smallest of his friends, but he doesn't let that fact slow him down! He loves to have fun and prove that he can do anything!