I Never Leave Home Without My... Microscope?

We recently had some family friends stay with us for a few days. My husband's large reef aquarium is very interesting to everyone who visits us so he pulled out some algae for the kids to look at. "I'll just pull out my pocket microscope so we can take a better look at it," my friend exclaimed. 

I laughed. 

She was not kidding. 

So cute! So tiny! So handy!

We were so intrigued that our friends sent us a few of our own. They are great to get a closer look at anything you want in your home. We found cool patterns and textures on packing material, cat fur, shells, and fabric. You just turn on the light and put the lens side directly on what you want to see. It is so simple, my 6 year old uses it with ease. The magnification is 45x.

I can actually have a microscope with me at all times! How have I never known about this before?

A couple days later, I happened to come across these on Amazon:

They were perfect! No fuss and my 6 year old was fascinated. It has everything from cow hair to tulip pollen. I wished our pocket microscope had slightly stronger magnification, but I couldn't complain. We saw some very cool things.

Fast-forward to this week when I was working on my newest Asha Loves Science video. For one scene, I needed a magnified image. The pocket microscope is not meant to take pictures, but I managed to hold my camera up to the viewing side and snap a couple of pictures. It was okay, but I wanted more. 

So I searched Amazon and found this:

Hooray for better magnification! The magnification range on this one is between 60x and 120x. It is slightly larger so it probably won't fit in a pocket, but it definitely will fit in a bag or larger purse. It is slightly more complex than the pocket microscope above because the focus has to be adjusted depending on what magnification you set it to. It's still pretty simple, though! Just turn the little lever to adjust the magnification level and then rotate the center until it is focused.

I had a lot of trouble lining up my camera to it, so I held it still with this handy tabletop tripod:

The images came out perfect for what I needed.

Oh, yeah.  

How cool is that? I can't wait to look at our slides and other objects around the house.

With a microscopic investment, you can have gigantic science fun in your house, too! Stay tuned to the Asha Loves Science YouTube channel to see if you can find the magnified images.

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